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Marketing is what individuals and businesses use to identify customers, understand their needs and wants, attract them, satisfy these needs and wants by enticing them to buy using different marketing strategies. This also includes retaining the customers for repeat business so they can keep on buying and spread word around to other potential customers. Businesses, corporations and government agencies are using ecommerce to purchase goods, pay suppliers and service providers. Marketing has become a major part of ecommerce. A business can sell to another business or to customers. Customers can also sell to other customers.

To market your business, you need to go where the customer is using websites, social networks and blogs. The world has been flattened by the internet. You can view global markets with just a click of the mouse. You can buy and sell all over the world from your browser. Marketing has become global and if you want to have an edge over your competitors you need the internet. Driving traffic into the website is one thing, enticing the customer to buy from your website when there are so many other websites is another thing. Marketing effectively means increasing visitors to the website, enticing them to buy or subscribe, offering attractive discounts, efficient customer service, delivery service and after sales service. Unless this is done the cost might override the benefits.

Web design and hosting uses animation, color, graphics, quality, discounts, online frequently asked questions and answers, real-time communication and payments to attract the customer to the website. However, the customer can only be retained if they get what they want. Offering high quality products and services wins the customers' trust. They buy and tell their friends and other potential buyers on the social networks and social media forums and this can increase sales to very high levels. Unfortunately, if the reverse is true sales can also drop drastically.

There are many social networking channels which you can utilize. Check which channels your competitors use and how they do it. Be smarter than them. Entice customers with unique offers which are not offered elsewhere. These may include articles, blogs, external messages, contests, free coupons, free delivery and attractive graphics, animations and colors in your website. Include photographs, videos, assistant marketer's photographs and invitations to the website. You will attract online fans and if you appeal to their taste you will be surprised by their interest. Open discussions in your website will keep the customer engaged. Use strong SEO keywords which describe your business and let that tie with what you are offering otherwise the customer will lose interest.

Provide your contacts and a URL to the order page and provide space for customers' comments. The customers will post their experiences attracting or driving away potential customers. If there is misrepresentation of facts ensure that this is corrected early and offer incentives like free samples of the product or lower the prices to win the loyalty of customers. Multi-level marketing has also become popular today.

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