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Insurance is a field that deals with risk management applied by individuals, companies, corporations and other organizations. There are many hazards that we need to protect ourselves from but however much we try, the inevitable still happens at a time when we least expect. Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and storms are natural disasters which can catch people unawares.

People who live in areas prone to these dangers should protect themselves from financial losses which can result from such perils, by purchasing insurance coverage i.e. flood insurance, earthquake insurance and hurricane insurance even volcano insurance. These risks as well as fire, smoke, theft, fraud, identity theft, road accidents, terrorism and other perils cause great financial losses, damages and injuries. There are various types of insurances which are sold by various insurers to cover these risks. People should purchase insurance for the risks they are vulnerable to, as separate policies or combined.
When a peril arises the insurer is supposed to compensate the insured for losses and damages of the insurable risks which are covered in the policy. If a loss arises the insured will make a claim for compensation. There are times when the peril is overwhelming and the claimant may depend on professionals to handle the matter on their behalf.

There are restoration companies which deal with residential, commercial and industrial property owners to assist them in restoring the property insured, scene of an accident or crime, areas affected by floods, earthquake, windstorms, theft and fire to their original state as they were before the peril occurred as much as it is possible. They clear the mess, the debris, repair and rebuild the properties whether they are homes, office buildings, hospitals, shopping centers, educational institutions or other properties. Roads may be destroyed, sewage, water and electricity systems. Whatever the situation, restoration is important so people can live normal lives again.

Homes are destroyed by fire, smoke, vandalism, basement floods, earthquakes, windstorms and other hazards. The homeowner or the insurance company hires the services of restoration companies depending on the size of the calamity. The homeowner can handle roof leakages, basement floods, smoke, minor theft and some fires but when it is a major disaster like a hurricane or an earthquake it is impossible for homeowners to deal with such disasters on their own because they are also traumatized.        

The Restoration companies handle such disasters promptly from start to finish and make claims directly to the insurance companies. They process the claims on behalf of the claimants. They keep emergency restoration machinery and equipment and therefore respond fast to disaster calls. They have 24/7 service and well trained and experienced staff to handle such situations. They remove personal and business properties which they store and safeguard. They clean-up the properties, repair the structures and restore the property to its original state.

Restoration also includes carpet and tile cleaning, pressure washing, mold removal, document and content restoration, equipment and generator rentals to maintain a normal environment when the repairs are going on.

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