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Personal Injury
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Today the world has become full of dangers which affect young and old alike. You can be healthy today and become disabled suddenly due to a car accident, falling down the stairs, slip and fall, whiplash or due to workplace injuries. People need to protect themselves against these accidents by purchasing insurance. The premiums paid are much less compared to the medical expenses incurred and loss of income when a person suffers from personal injury. You can ask for different quotes and compare coverage policies offered by various insurers and choose the one that is best for your case.

Personal Injury Protection PIP covers the individual, children including adopted children, family members related by blood or marriage, passengers and injured pedestrians. Personal injury can be caused by car accidents, slip and fall, sports injuries, whiplash and other accidents. Many states require people to take 'no fault' personal injury insurance cover which is usually included in insurance policies and the victims are compensated without regard to liability.  Personal injury can also occur at the workplace and this is covered under Workers' Compensation. Businesses are required to cover their employees when they are at work whether they are working at the workplace or elsewhere as long as they are at work. Workplace personal injury insurance is also taken by those who are not workers including company directors, self-employed people etc.

Auto insurance includes loss or damage to the car and personal injury to the driver, passengers and pedestrians when it is a 'no-fault' accident. When a driver is involved in a 'no-fault' accident, the other car's insurance will pay the medical expenses caused to the driver and the passengers. However when the driver is 'at-fault' and the accident happens as a result of the driver's negligence, recklessness or omission then he cannot claim compensation. In these cases the cost is shared depending on the proportion of fault.

Personal injury protection insurance should be taken by people who engage in sports that endanger their lives whether they are playing professionally or as a hobby. These include water skiing, mountain biking, diving, surfing and other sports. 
PIP insurance coverage compensates and helps you to pay for-:

- Medical treatment, hospital bills and compensation of medical care needed in the future
- Doctor's appointment fees
- Lost salary and wages and income continuation into the future due to loss of earning power
- Pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and emotional compensation
- Funeral expenses etc.

When the insurance company pays compensation they ease the financial burden of the victim. They pay the wages lost and help the victim to continue earning during the stay in hospital, during the healing process and into the future if the condition is long-term. Some insurers pay funeral expenses also. Personal Injury Protection requirements vary from state-to state. Some states have limitations of the amount to be covered, the medical expenses to be paid and one has to check what is provided in their state.

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