Find the Best Low Interest/ Low APR Credit Card

Find the Best Low Interest/ Low APR Credit Card
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Low interest/Low APR Credit Cards are the best for people who shop regularly and those do not pay their balances every month. If you carry a balance from month-to-month or you have debts which will take a long time to clear, this is the best card for you. Low interest credit cards have been loaded with perks and rewards which were not available previously. These cards used to have few rewards and the cardholder would benefit from low interest only. The market has changed and these cards now bear perks and rewards which were only available on premium credit cards. Some low interest cards charge no annual fees.

Compare low interest rate cards

When looking for the best low interest credit card, compare the features and the options available on different cards. A card may charge a low interest rate and yet charge high annual fees. Some cards offer 0% introductory APRs and switch to high Regular Rates after the introductory period. If you have good to excellent credit, you will be able to find low interest credit card with low or no annual fees. Some banks offer low fixed rates to their best customers especially if they have their checking account and credit card in the same bank.

Paying-off debt using low interest rate credit card

Low-interest credit cards are good if you do not qualify for a 0% interest rate and when you know you will not be able to pay-off the debt during the 0% interest rate period. The rates are low on balance transfer amounts enabling the cardholder to pay the debt faster than previously. 0% introductory APR credit cards are attractive when you are able to clear the balance transferred within the promotional period. If the debt is not cleared within this period, the outstanding amount attracts a high interest rate and you might end up paying more interest. In such a case a low interest credit card would be appropriate.

No late payment penalties or over credit limit fees

Recently, there have been offers for credit cards that do not attract late-payment fee and penalties while there are no fees charged for exceeding the credit limit. These cards do not penalize you when you make late payments and this is good for you. Although low-interest credit cards are termed as basic and simple they attract these protections which will save money for you.

Find the best low APR credit card for emergencies

Basic low-interest credit cards are flexible for cardholders offering a line of credit for emergencies without any service charges and annual credit card fees. These come in handy when the family needs to pay for unanticipated auto repairs, medical treatment and appliance replacements of basic items broken, damaged or stolen. The basic credit card may have insurance cover to protect items purchased using the card as well as repair costs of the items because many credit card companies have purchase protection insurance programs. The credit cards are also used for basic purchases from the grocery store. Credit card issuers have immediate card replacements which is very convenient for shoppers and those on vacation if they happen to lose the cards.

Find the best Low interest credit cards online

The best low interest credit card is the one that has benefits and serves you best. It can be found on online websites. These cards may have fewer rewards and lower credit limits but they are appealing to customers for everyday use since they are simple and flexible. Some of these cards bear no annual fees. There are online applications for these low interest rate credit cards which you can utilize. When you have a strong credit score you will pay less finance charges on the credit card, saving your hard earned money.

You can fill a secure application form online and your personal data will be kept safely. Some banks have virtual account numbers which customers use when shopping online while other cards do not charge you for unauthorized purchases. Other cards have efficient fraud and theft detection and protection services which include identity theft prevention. This makes shopping online easier and safer than ever before.


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