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Education Funding
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College Funding/Education Funding is provided by the Federal Government which uses federal revenue to finance education through the U.S. Department of Education. There are grants for the needy students which are Pell Grant, TEACH Grant and SMART Grant and other scholarships for U.S. students and International students.

The U.S. Department of Education gives loans to students and parents through their Direct Loan Program. These loans are-:

- Perkins Loans which are need-based and subsidized for eligible students from low-income families
- Stafford Loans which are need-based and subsidized for eligible students from low-income families
- Stafford Loans which are not need-based and are unsubsidized
- PLUS Loans for parents for dependent undergraduate students
- PLUS Loans for Graduate and Professional Students

As an incentive to go to college there are competitions such as the 'Race to the Top' for high schools awarded to the school that best prepares the students for college. College and university contests include 'First in the World' where more funds are offered to winners. 

State governments use taxes to fund college education through grants and scholarships to state community colleges and universities. The funding is granted through State Education Agencies and students should apply for College Financing/Education Funding.  Students who attend in-state universities are charged lower fees because they or their parents will have contributed the funds by paying taxes. Many state universities charge higher fees to out-of-state students.  Private Universities are more expensive than public universities. Most of the universities in the U.S. are state universities. There are career schools and community colleges also managed by state governments with taxpayers' money.

Local governments provide College Financing/Education Funding to college education within the county, cities and townships through local education agencies. There are scholarships awarded by local civic organizations and also non-profit organizations which are known as charities.

College Funding/Education Funding is also provided by the local government to community colleges where students can attain an associate degree before joining university for a bachelor's degree and a master's degree. Community colleges have remedial classes and are available to all, young and old who wish to learn skills.

Colleges and universities provide grants and scholarships which are based on academic performance and athletic, music, fine art talents. There are scholarships awarded by religious organizations and churches. Private companies and corporations give scholarships to their employees and their employees' children. They also give money to fund education in areas where they have an interest or wish to encourage.

Foundations like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provide College Funding/Education Funding to students from low-income groups. They support education in community colleges and universities to prepare the students in their careers to be able to face the competitive job market. Most colleges enroll a high percentage of the students but only a low percentage of these students complete within four years. Some take more years to complete while other drop out of college. The students are supported to finish college and have opportunities in the global market.

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